Disco balls need greeting cards

A song honoring the one true religion.

This article about Richard Dawkins and the mainstreaming of atheism by Simon Owens is a must-read. A big step in getting any kind of mainstream acceptance is the visibility step, Owens makes the case that Dawkins has done so much for visibility that the evidence for accusations that he’s somehow giving atheists a bad name pales in comparison to what he’s done for us in writing The God Delusion and becoming a spokesman for atheism.

What interests me about the whole thing is the unshakeable suspicion that much, if not most, of the hostility to Dawkins and accusations that he’s rude comes back to the rather unfair standard that Dawkins himself articulates quite well.

Netroots Nation coming to Texas!

In the shadow of our alarmingly and charmingly pink capitol building, bloggers will be gathering in July for the annual Netroots Nation conference, right here in Austin, TX. Thanks especially to the fine folks at Democracy For Texas for putting together a proposal for why our city is perfect. One huge advantage we have over Chicago is that 95% of what you’d probably want to do if you’re in from out of town for after hours entertainment is in the downtown area; everything is quite walkable. (I can’t figure out from the website what hotels and convention centers they’re using, but if they’re using our actual convention center, it’s three blocks from the famous 6th St. area.) Wireless is abundant here, food is cheap, and so is beer.